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How to Get Milyon88 Voucher?

Updated: Peb 16

Many players are asking Milyon88 vouchers. Before that you should know vouchers are similar with promotions, you may get it from special days and events. And the important thing is you should use and pass one voucher event at a time. In general, you cannot use more than one vouchers or with promotions in the same time.

How to Get Milyon88 Vouchers?

We are planning to release vouchers in our social medias, cs channels, influencer channels and SMS with special festivals or days.

How to Use Vouchers?

  1. Check you are not in any promotions and voucher events.

  2. Visit "Member Center" to find "Promotion List".

  3. Click "Voucher Code" section and enter your code.

  4. You'll successfully get a bonus if you are eligible.

How to Use Milyon88 Vouchers?
How to Use Milyon88 Vouchers?

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