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Players' Common Questions of Milyon88

Updated: May 17

Milyon88 provides 120PHP for new players. You can easily sign up on our website to be a new member.

Sign Up to Get 120PHP

If you have some questions, you can also check here.

Q1. How to Register?

To register a membership, you should provide some personal information, then you can become VIP1.

  1. Click and enter "Register" page.

  2. Complete your information.

  3. Confirm if your data is correct

  4. Submit the application.

  5. Now you are VIP1.

The members of VIP1 who can deposit money and play games.

If you want to withdraw, please upgrade your level to VIP2.

How to Register?
How to Register?

Q2. How to Apply Free Bonus / Register Bonus?

"Why can't I apply Free bonus?"

If you have this question, please upgrade your level to VIP2.

  1. Visit "Member Center" and click "Profile".

  2. Provide your bank / Gcash to upgrade your level

  3. Receive the OTP to verify your account.

  4. You are successfully become VIP2.

  5. The free bonus is automatic in your wallet. It means you join Register promotion.

  6. You can visit our promotion page to understand rules.

Milyon88 Promotions:

You are VIP2 now. You can join the most of events and withdraw your winning. Congratulation!

How to Apply Free Bonus / Register Bonus?
How to Apply Free Bonus / Register Bonus?

Q3. How to Apply Promotion?

Please make sure you are VIP2 first.

  1. Visit our Promotion page

  2. Check the promotion which you want to join.

  3. Click "Joiin" and enter a verification code.

  4. Now you are in the promotion.

Q4. Why Can't I Join a Promotion?

  1. Check if you are up to VIP2

  2. Check if you are in another promotion.

  3. Check the rules of promotion. Some promotions have certain rules that only for qualified players.

  4. Check if the promotion applied needs CS approve.

Q5. How to Withdraw?

  1. Visit "Cash Center" and click "Withdrawal"

  2. Fulfil password and how much you want to cash-out, then check your account number is correct.

  3. Submit your request. Usually transaction takes 3~20 minutes.

Sign Up to Get 120PHP

Q6. I Cannot use App

Q7. What is Milyon88?

Milyon88 is an online casion. We offers multiple slot, bingo and live games. Our friend websites are BETSO88 and SSBET77. If you want to know more about us, you can also visit here: Philippines online casino Milyon88

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