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Do you have a problem to use MILYON88's App?

Updated: May 17

We know several players are facing a problem to use Milyon88'app.

There are 2 conditions which can affect you to use app:

  1. IOS users: Now we are updating our IOS certificate. Recently, players can't use app to play games.

  2. Give permissions: While players install the app, the app will ask permissions about access pictures, contact list, etc.. Please allow these applications.

If you are not IOS users, or you already gave permissions, but you can't still use Milyon88's app.

Here are 2 steps:

  1. Restore again. If you still have a problem, please let us know which WIFI you use.

  2. Use cell data to play.

In conclusion, despite app problem, you can play games on MILYON88 website. We sincerely apologize all the inconvenience.

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